Thursday, September 29, 2005

Paheli, India's entry !

Ok, guys, I am here after quite some time ! Sorry for the delay, loads of things have been happening in my life !

Now, some great news ! The Shahrukh, Rani starrer Paheli has been chosen as India's entry for the Oscar !

Now, let me a bit frank. I personally believe Paheli is a great film with stunning visuals, great performances and a very sensitive story. But, I don't really believe this was THE film which should have gone to the Oscars. I would have personally chosen the awesome Black. But, if the issues regarding Black being inspired by "The Miracle Worker" interfered, I believe it would have been Iqbal and Swades. Swades is an fascinating film. I've already spoken about it loads of times. Iqbal would also have been a good choice because it has an imporant theme of India in it : cricket. And let's not forget Veer-Zaara, it had loads of Indian elements in it with great performances !

But, now that Paheli has been selected, I wish it all the best ! Here's hoping Paheli gives us the long coveted Oscar !


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