Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The "Golden" Years of Bollywood.

Recently, on REMIX, a show I watch on Star One, they showed a party where the theme was retro or as they more particularly said "stuff worn in the 70's-80's".

In the recent years, my curiousity for films of this type have been increasing. There have been some gems in these years. Can anyone ever forget "Sholay" ? But I'm shamefaced to say that even though, I've never managed to see some of these films. But, yes, I HAVE seen Sholay. Any Indian will have seen that !

Personally, I agree that these were the best years of Bollywood. Almost, all films were entertaining, some were thought-provoking and the hits would role on for more than 50 weeks !! I've also heard that even films which were not hits, had some good in them. Yeah, anything can be better than DUS !!


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