Friday, September 02, 2005

A Big Variety This Week !

We have four very different films this week. All of them are not the same in any means of imagination.

"Pyar Mein Twist" - Starring the original dream couple Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia who rocked in "Bobby" and "Sagar" over 20 years ago, "Pyar Mein Twist" is another film about a couple at the sunset of their lives who decide to fall in love. But, their families especially their grown-up children are not ready to accept this. What's going to happen now ?

I personally believe that this film would be a nice film great for passing the time. I would watch to just Rishi and Dimple again. I don't care who else is there !

"Ramji Londwaley" - Another different film starring Madhavan from the south, "Ramhi.." is about a Bihari cook who comes to London for a job but finds his owner has died ! Now Madhavan starts wandering the streets and the film is about his experience with London !

Both the promos and the trailers have made the films look hilarious. This seems a different film and it *might* get a good opening. 50/50 at this stage !

"Aashiq Banaya Aapne" - There's not too much different about this film aside from the fact that it's being released in a week where the other films are very difficult about it. It's yet another college romance and having a triangle with Emraan Hashmi, Sonu Sood and Tanushree Dutta. But I must add, the music is pretty good even if it doesn't come up to "Zeher" standards.

Because of the provoking nature of the film, it might get a good opening. If I had to watch the film, I would watch it only to see Tanushree Dutta !

"Dansh" - Dansh is yet another parallel film. As usual, it has all the elements required for the film in its's dark, it's grim, it's pace is slow..etc. But I don't want to watch films like these because they leave a bad taste in my mouth...


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