Monday, September 19, 2005

"Chocolate" Doesn't Excite "James" !!

Four films released this Friday. All of them were radically different but they had one thing in common, they had dismal openings !

"Chocolate" was by far a big film. Having big names like Anil Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Suniel Shetty, Irffan, Tanushree Dutta, Arshad Warsi and Sushma Reddy, the makers had promoted it nicely but this went againt the film. Because, a film like this has to be promoted very very widely. You have to give the viewers in-your-face promotion or else, no one's going to watch suspense thrillers. But, Chocolate had an awful opening 30-35%. The reports and reviews are also discouraging, "it's a confusing film" is the main refrain.

"James" was another film from RGV's Factory (Can anyone remember a film from RGV which did not have violence ?). But, it didn't live up to the "radically-different" tag which we've come to expect from Ram Gopal Varma. A typical masala film, it had all the hackneyed plot elements which have given Hindi cinema a bad name. Unknown faces like Mohit Ahalwat and Nisha Kothari also made the difference. But, from what I can see, I think Nisha Kothari can make it really big.

The other two films were "Kal", a corporate multiplex film, and "Sau Jooth Ek Saach". None of them were excessively promoted and thus the opening was disastrous.

Bollywood is now gearing up from the Diwali season, which should start from November. But, till then, not too many big films are going to release. This Diwali has some big releases like "Garam Masala", "Kyun Ki" and "Shaadi No 1". More on that, later.


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